Much has been written about the automatic, across-the-board budget cuts contained in the Budget Control Act of 2011, otherwise known as “sequestration,” but many critical questions remain regarding official interpretations of the legislation and how it will actually be implemented on an agency-by-agency basis. For instance, Community Development Block Grants help to rehabilitate neighborhood homes and buildings, make improvements in our streets, water, and neighborhood centers. They fund activities related to energy conservation / renewable energy. They help small businesses, which results in job creation and job retention. Community Development Block Grants are being cut in the Federal Discretionary Budget, while military spending takes up over 50% of the budget. — SOURCE: New Priorities Network

Putting the most vulnerable people at risk is the wrong response to our nation’s fiscal situation.

A One year of sequestration cuts will:


WIC nutrition aid to 750,000 mothers and young children


more than 413,000 adults and youth from getting job training


education and training to more than 51,000 veterans


reading and math help to more than 1.8 million low-income public school children


child care to the low- to moderate-income families of 80,000 children


nearly 34,000 women from being screened for breast and cervical cancer


nearly 27,000 infants and toddlers from benefiting from special education and early intervention services


185,000 households to lose rental assistance vouchers


734,000 households from receiving home heating and cooling aid.

SOURCES:U.S. Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Labor-HHS-Education, Under Threat: The Impact of Sequestration on Non-Defense Jobs and Services; the National WIC Association; the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities; and the Coalition on Human Needs’ report, Self-Inflicted Wounds. Cited by: The SAVE Coalition


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